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What's the Difference between Hosted PBX and Cloud PBX?

The traditional on-premise PBX is rapidly being replaced by more affordable, less resource-intensive solutions like Hosted PBX and Cloud PBX. If you're considering a technology upgrade, there are distinct differences between the two.

Both help reduce the cost and complexity of managing a phone system within your office. The phone system "hardware" is actually a server located in the provider's data center. Features of the phone system are delivered via software. But that's where the similarities between Hosted PBX and Cloud PBX typically end.

Here's a feature comparison between Cbeyond Cloud Services' NetPRO® PBX and Hosted PBX.

Hosted PBX



Underlying platform - rigid, centralized server

Underlying platform - Linux virtual servers

Changes are expensive to make and must be implemented system-wide

Changes are easy to make and can be implemented on demand for each customer


Calling features are one-size-fits-all

Calling features are customized to each customer's needs


Expensive to scale

Scale on-demand


Purchase handsets through the vendor, which may lock you into a long-term leasing plans

Bring your own handset or buy from whatever vendor you like, either way, you won't be locked into a handset


Per-seat pricing model that requires you to pay for capacity you may not use Per-channel, usage-based pricing that lets you pay for what you need now NetPRO® PBX

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